Nic Errol

Endurance Ultra Runner

Nic grew up in Perth, Western Australia and lived there most of his life before moving to London in 2013. Nic’s background as a competitive swimmer helped his transition to running in 2014 where he quickly realised his potential for endurance events. He rapidly bypassed the marathon distance and fell in love with ultra & trail running. He debuted on the Ultra Trail World Tour circuit in 2016 with a top 20 finish at the competitive Tarawera 100km in New Zealand. Since then, Nic has competed and raced around the world at a sub-elite level, in races such on both the Skyrunning World Series and Ultra Trail World Tour. His debut at the 100 mile distance came in 2017 at the prestigious and original 100 miler, The Western States 100. Despite not hitting his goal time, his 24:48 finish there is his proudest, and his love for that distance was confirmed. Nic continues to race distances from 26 miles to 100 miles globally, on the trail and mountains. He has multiple goals for 2019 and beyond, and with support of his coach and pro runner Alicia Vargo, he looks forward to racing and embracing the challenges that come with running distances like 100 miles. He occasionally can be found running a road race locally, although his love is always being out in the wilderness.


Quality always beats quantity. Be intentional in what you do and how you do it


Himalayan Salt


Always been a fan of the Himalayan Salt and always feel rejuvenated with this one


Build recovery into your training/lifestyle. Sleep, nutrition, rest days etc and stick to them! A mental/emotional break is just as important, even if you feel physically fine


Dependent of my training volume. The higher volume and intensity, will see multiple times a week and on low volume periods, fortnightly