Customer Testimonials

“I have been using Westlab Dead Sea Salt now for a number of years and I must say the relief I get when I bathe in it is fantastic. My psoriasis feels so much better. The salt smooths the surface of my skin and lessens the redness and soreness in preparation for applying ointments.”  



Quite by chance I discovered that bathing with a good handful of Westlab's Dead Sea Salt makes a tremendous difference to my itchy skin. It really relieves the itch for several days, which is something of a miracle to me. I am so delighted to have found a solution to a very uncomfortable symptom.  



I suffer with chronic eczema-prone skin and use Westlab Dead Sea Salt at times when it is inflamed. The relief is immediate, and one bath lasts a week or more. (a high concentration of salt is used). The results I have experienced with Dead Sea Salt is noticeably better than with other products I have tried.  



I have had skin issues for the past 2 years, gradually it became unbearable (see photos). Incredibly itchy, dry, red patches over my arms, hands, face and neck. I was a student nurse and had to withdraw my dream due to the severity of my skin and eventually I didn't want to even leave the house. People had been quite cruel with their looks and comments which knocked my esteem even further. I tried every cream, lotion, medicated topical treatments and antihistamines that were available and it was then I tried to research on my own. I had always known Dead Sea salt had healing properties and decided to try some. I first bought a bag from the supermarket which was awful and did more harm than good, so more searching online it was! It was then I found Westlab, I decided to try a small bag and the effects after one bath were extraordinary. My skin was soothed, hydrated and the redness subsided. It made such a difference and now I don't bathe without it. My confidence grew, I could show my arms without being embarrassed and wear make up! I'm so lucky to have found a good supplier of Dead Sea salt as lots of companies claim that their product is good quality but I can't find any better than what Westlab provides. 



“I have been using Westlab Epsom Salt now for over three years as I suffer from Fibromyalgia. I normally don't give endorsements as my experience is either an initial impression or not sufficiently positive. Neither has been the case with Westlab Epsom salts. The late and much missed Professor Davies* suggested I bath in Epsom salts after difficult days. After scouring the Internet for Epsom salts I discovered Surrey-based Westlab. Who would have thought to look for Epsom salts so close to Epsom! The salts work very well - half an hour's soak relaxes my painful back, neck and shoulders. This not only helps me to sleep at night, but then also means I can wake up in the morning ready for the day ahead.”  



My job involves a lot of repetitive sport and it is very important for me to keep my body in the best shape possible. I take an hour’s massage every week to keep my body free from injury, but I also use the Westlab Epsom Bath Salts every night after work to help my muscles to relax and recover - essential after a long day on the tennis court.'



“I use Epsom salt baths for recovery when training for long runs - there's nothing that seems to work as well for easing my muscle ache and fatigue.”



“I started using Epsom salts to aid recovery after long runs and races. It helps strip the lactic acid from my muscles. You can feel a tingling sensation in the bath. I use them once to twice a week. I have recommended using Epsom salts to lots of friends and clients.”  

Zoe D 


I started suffering from monthly headaches and nausea about 8 years ago, each time I had my periods. This gradually got worse until I was badly ill for 3 days each month and taking most of the rest of the week to recover, so losing almost a week per month to illness.  It was getting awful to get through and I was getting worried.  I was also starting to suffer from what's called Restless Leg Syndrome, which is a strange, uncomfortable condition that makes you want to kick out your legs as you settle to sleep at night, like your muscles cannot relax.  I did some research on-line into nutrition and discovered that this was perhaps due to magnesium deficiency, as modern foods/diets are lacking in this essential nutrient. Apparently, magnesium is essential for over 300 functions, including muscle relaxation and treating nausea.   I tried taking magnesium supplements, but I couldn't find any that would provide more than a third of the magnesium we need each day.  I'd also read that taking a footbath (or bath) of Epsom salts is the most efficient way to take in magnesium, ie. through the skin, instead of from food.  So I started taking footbaths of Epsom Salts three times a week (3tbs in warm/hot water, soak feet for c.15mins). Immediately, the restless leg problem stopped. That was a relief as I'd read how other people were really struggling to find a solution for this condition.  And most importantly, my headaches/nausea  reduced immediately by around a third. I carried on taking the Epsom 3 x a week for six weeks, then bi-weekly thereafter and gradually my monthly illness reduced.  After say a year and a half, it was almost totally gone, and I rarely have this problem any more, and if so, only very mildly.  So a massive improvement, thanks to footbaths of Epsom salts!  



“I have been a happy Westlab customer for many years. The delivery is always quick and the products are such good quality.  I've I tried all of the body scrubs and the three types of salt but my absolute favourite is your Epsom bath salts. I use them approx 3 times per week. The main benefits I've found are improved sleep, they relax aching muscles after work or exercise and also help fluid retention (which helps me looking trim and healthy).”  



"2 weeks ago. 1 week ago. Today."

“First time having strep throat. Took penicillin. Starting getting little dots and was soon completely covered (80% of my body). Doctors said penicillin allergy. Finally saw a dermatologist last week and she said Guttate Psoriasis. Fast forward 5 days and I am clearing. I barely have a itch anymore. And I’m in such a better head space. I’m not sure what all of this means. I continue to be on the #psoriasisdiet and I continue to take my @westlabusa salt baths. I have been tanning for 5 minutes here and there too. I wanted all the odds in my favor.“
Katie aka @myskinwellness